BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

How fit are you?

This standard BMI calculator helps keep you on the top of the fitness game. It is smart and it is fast. It is incredibly easy to use, accessible in a simple format. All you have to do is know your weight and height beforehand. Once you have the numbers, simply put them in the required fields and get the value right away. Try out this new product among other online health calculators. It offers a fresh way to keep you right on track with your fitness goals. 

Your BMI is

The body mass index or BMI is a number used to assert the relative weight of a person. It is that value which doctors and dietitians use to say whether anyone is underweight or overweight. Other identifying categories include obese, normal weight, and suffering from malnutrition.

The calculation is based upon a formula that divides the body mass by a square of the person’s height. The unit derived is kg/meter-square. However, normally only the numerical value is considered sufficient. The health calculator is not only useful for professionals but also anyone really concerned with fitness. Once you get the idea of it that how much BMI is normal, the calculator works as a potent inspiration to maintain the ideal stats.

FYI: NORMAL ~ 18.5 to 24.9

UNDERWEIGHT ~ not above 18.5

OVERWEIGHT ~ from 25 to 29

OBESE ~ It is above 30

Many fitness and health calculators provide separate indices for men and women. The values provided above are general and provides a range of coverage for both sexes. Are you looking for potent BMI calculator men? Do you need good BMI calculator women? All the details you need are right here, pronto at your access. Keep this page on your bookmarks bar so that there is no need to search for it every month.

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It is important to remember a particularly important thing, namely the age of the respondent. The normal weight for a middle-aged man may not be the same for someone at an advanced age. One should always put these particularly personal details into account to avail the benefits of body mass index figures.   

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